What our clients say...

We've been in business for over 30 years and despite poor weather, this has been our best season ever. I firmly believe the 360Rush attributed to that.

Travis Gilliland, CEO,
Spring Valley Beach Waterpark

With multiple riders each having a unique experience, the Double BowlsEye was a great addition to our family-friendly park!

David Busch, President & CEO,
Hawaiian Falls Waterparks

While SplashTacular is certainly a fantastic supplier, they are also a spectacular partner.

Every team member and division at SplashTacular possesses the competence and energy level to drive project success at every level. Their designers can provide a virtual walkthrough of every slide with a level of detail that is second to none.

Their ability to take a project apparition and analyze it from multiple perspectives and custom tailor an end product to address the vested interests of owners, developers and financiers, demonstrates SplashTacular’s insight of industry knowledge and project capabilities. They act as true advocates from every perspective including delivering sound feedback in order to balance competing values such as budget and design goals.

Craig Wilkinson, Wisconsin Resort Consulting

“Having used SplashTacular slides on many projects over the past 10 years, it is refreshing to have a company I can count on to “get things right” at all stages of the project, from planning through construction and start-up.

In this industry, there are very few equipment manufacturers that have performed well consistently through the years. I do not hesitate in saying that SplashTacular has been a company I can depend on. Their technical sales staff is excellent, and their manufacturing and installation has been top notch.

As an industry design leader, satisfaction of our clients, the facility owners, is an absolute must. I have come to trust that SplashTacular will deliver satisfaction to my clients and do their part to make our aquatic facilities as successful as they must be to maintain our position as one of the top designers in this industry.

Kevin McElyea, President of Aquatic Design Consultants, Inc.

“Anytime you work with a sub-contractor or supplier, you rely heavily on their ability to deliver quality work. As one of our key partners, SplashTacular has always been timely and excellent to work with. Even when difficulties arise, which they always do, their team works immediately and carefully with us to resolve any issues. Because of SplashTacular’s efficiency, our company’s timeline has improved—and anytime you do that, you improve your bottom line on the job! We’ve worked with several other vendors on various waterslide projects—and none have gone as smoothly as those we’ve done with SplashTacular; nor has the quality come anywhere close in comparison.”

Forrest Kramer, Project Manager/Estimator, Christiansen Construction Company

"In working with SplashTacular, we never have to worry about anything. If there’s a particular slide we need, we make one phone call and it’s done. I have worked with the competition before, but every time I hire someone else it’s a nightmare. I always revert back to SplashTacular because they’re simply the best—the ease of operation and the quality of the work. Over time, I’ve watched Steve Levine add some phenomenal staff members to his team, all of them responsive and exceptionally bright. He’s got a phenomenal, full-service crew. There’s nothing they can’t complete, fix or change.”

Gino Ricchio, Owner, Ricchio, Inc.

“The number one reason we like to work with SplashTacular is that every situation is a team situation. With other vendors, every situation is a confrontation and they always look to protect themselves first—even when they are in the wrong. Our relationship with SplashTacular has always been that of a partnership. If there is in issue—which happens far less with SplashTacular than with other vendors—we work together to resolve the issue and ultimately satisfy the customer.”

Rob Morgan , President, Sunbelt Pools

“SplashTacular never ceases to impress us with top-quality design and seamless installation. By continually providing good service, good work and good follow-up, SplashTacular has created an indelible name for itself in the industry. We will continue to tap the leading company’s keen know-how and leading capabilities for all of our waterslide needs.”

Craig Bleakley, Vice President, Waterworks Atlanta, Inc.

“The Tom Muehlenbeck Center is very new and very popular. And since we added the waterslides to our suite of recreation amenities, we have seen an even greater increase in attendance. SplashTacular Entertainment®’s water-based attractions allow us to offer something different in our area. Not too many centers have waterslides—let alone full-sized, top-quality waterslides that add excitement to any pool party or summer afternoon. We are extremely thrilled with the response to these new additions to our facilities.”

Jana Glass, Recreation Complex Supervisor

The City of Englewood constructed Pirates Cove Family Aquatic Center which opened in May 2004.  Part of the project was the installation of a 35 foot slide tower with two closed flume and one open flume slide.  Along with the three slides a drop slide was also erected at our competitive pool.

During the construction of the slides it was apparent that SplashTacular’s crew took pride in the installation of the slides.  The crew finished their project on time and gave the staff an extensive orientation on the operation, maintenance and winterization of the slides.

After six years of operation I’m still pleased with the quality of the slides of both the riding and outside surfaces.  We have only had to do minor upkeep on the slides to this point.  Due to the quality of the slides and the correspondence that I have had with the company I will not hesitate to use SplashTacular for future development of our park.

I look forward to many more years of slide use for our patrons and look forward to working closely with the staff at SplashTacular.”

Brad Anderson, Facility/Program Supervisor, City of Englewood Pirates Cove

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say THANKS for the crew that was just our working on our slides here at Wild Oak Ranch. They were great! Very kind, professional and attentive to our needs. Thanks so much.”

Johnathan P. Doepke, Resort Manager, Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch Resort

“This past fall the City of Humboldt was in need of some repair and maintenance on our waterslides at our aquatic center. I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that Mike Bayles was great to work with and did a great job in getting our concerns taken care of. We were able to address the problems and within a month the job was done.  The crew Mike lined up to do the job was great to work with and did an excellent job. It rained off and on the entire week they were here and they were still able to get everything completed.  I would request this crew back to my facility anytime.”

Chris Clarken, Assistant Parks Superintendent, City of Humboldt, IA

SplashTacular offers a level of adaptability and responsiveness in both design and construction that ensures deadlines are met from inception to opening day.

Their team member’s cooperative attitudes and sense of urgency creates a worry free partnership. SplashTacular product quality and commitment to excellence sets the bar for industry expectations.

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson Pool Design

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