Splashtacular Signature Attractions


The DownUnder is a striking ride that has huge stage presence with a tower that climbs to nearly 70 feet and features six separate high-speed slides. Launched simultaneously, riders get a surge of adrenaline when the 'DrenalineDrop launch capsules send them speeding down the slide for a ride like none other.

Upon making the ascent to the launch platform, lifeguards assist guests as they load into six individual ‘DrenalineDrop™ launch modules arranged around the perimeter of the platform. With adrenaline surging, riders get extra entertainment out of the ride by facing each other while awaiting the countdown for simultaneous release.  The launch button is hit, causing the floor to drop out beneath each of the riders, launching them down near-vertical enclosed body slides into 50 feet of translucent fiberglass. The translucent fiberglass creates amazing spectator appeal, as the spectators are able to watch each of the riders race the others. Twisting and turning for over 255 feet, riders then come to a gradual stop in the runouts below.  The six slides each take a different path to the bottom, providing a unique user experience for the riders. It’s safe to say that this ride is the first of its kind to offer such excitement and thrill to park visitors.

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