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Double BowlsEye™

It started with a Rush and now SplashTacular’s doubling the fun. 4 riders... 2 rafts... 1 bowl... the Double BowlsEye™ brings a contemporary twist to the traditional raft bowl. From start to finish this patent-pending one-of-a-kind attraction keeps families entertained and coming back for more.

Splashtacular’s Double BowlsEye™ enhanced with HydroLighting™, is a one of a kind next generation signature attraction that will push the family experience to new levels within the waterpark market by providing a dramatic iconic structure, along with a totally immersive experience.

Double BowlsEye™, a contemporary new take on a high-speed family raft chase begins as guests approach the stairs leading up to the attraction.  They are immediately drawn to the multi-sensory experience of pulsating gyrating special effects.  From this vantage along with the attractions name it’s impossible to tell what the experience will be at the top of the landing, but judging by the smiles and cheers coming from guest splashing into the run-out lanes, there is something special that awaits those who brave the climb.  Double BowlsEye™ is an interactive slide experience that touches almost all human senses.  From the towering launch platform, riders gaze down 60 feet to see two 54-inch enclosed slides enter opposite sides of an enormous bowl.  The family of four is separated into (2) - two person rafts, which are positioned back to back on custom controlled launch platforms.  After the ride operator checks that all four guests are properly seated, they are simultaneously propelled in opposite directions and disappear into darkness.  Raft speeds rapidly accelerate into eerie darkness and without notice, the excitement transforms to a thrill ride light show featuring multiple preprogrammed lighting effects.  Within seconds, daylight appears as they enter the massive bowl and then realize they are no longer alone but instead being chased by the other members of their family in the other raft!    Who will prevail as the winner?   Each respective raft then terminates through its own unique port hole into a finish lane only to challenge the competition to a rematch. 

By launching two person raft rides in pairs, the patent-pending Double BowlsEye™ provides exceptional throughput along with an unparalleled guest experience that keeps riders coming back for more.  Double BowlsEye™ offers water park operators the next generation and one-of-a-kind water ride attraction that can deliver a competitive advantage for many years to come.

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