HydroLighting™ makes its debut to reinvent the body and raft slide experience. Now your slides can offer more thrills and sensory experience by delivering a "show" in addition to a ride for both the riders and spectators. Multi-sensory enhancement options from SplashTacular include pulsing and gyrating lights and special effects. The HydroLighting™ system is user-friendly, affordable and designed to withstand the harsh outdoor and indoor environments.

• Hoop Lights
Featuring multiple pre-programmed lighting effects within the waterslide, Hoop Lights are easily paired with HydroStyling™ translucent bands to deliver extra-sensory ride thrills.

• Point Lights
These interactive lights flash and change colors when touched, transforming the waterslide ride experience into a contest by challenging riders to touch as many lighted pads as possible when passing through the tube.

• Start/Stop Timing System
Sensors trigger the start and stop for each rider recording highly accurate ride times transforming a regular waterslide ride into a rider contests that keeps them coming back for more.

Product Videos:

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