HydroStyling™ brings the opportunity to completely customize the appearance of your waterslides.

• Translucents
Use SplashTacular HydroStyling to illuminate the inside of your slide with vibrant rings,
shapes and icons in almost any shape and color. We also offer a colorless option that is practically see-through. SplashTacular is the only slide company in North America that can add multiple translucent colors to each individual segment of your waterslide. Imagine high-speed corners directed by chevrons or sea creatures illuminating the inside of your slide that can be seen from the outside. Traverse thru rings of glowing colors instead of your usual opaque or dark slide. You can also complement HydroStyling with HydroLighting to create a full spectrum lightshow on the inside of your waterslide.

• Embeds
SplashTacular can add themes to your waterslide thru embedded artwork. From undersea scenery, to train tracks, to playful creatures – or even an embedded park logo – you can immerse your guest into the waterpark experience like never before with creative theming options available only with SplashTacular.

• Stencil Designs and Water Transfer Graphics
The outside of your slide can also be themed with high quality, ornate images. Graphically wrap your entire waterslide with patterns such as tree bark, camouflage, animal prints – the only limit is your imagination.

Product Videos:

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