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African River Adventure™

It's no lazy river. African River Adventure is an interactive slide experience that touches almost all the human senses.

8 Person Ride

Upon being seated in a four-person raft, guests find themselves in a large room that has an eerie green low-lying fog that glows and extends to the horizon. Images of the amazing Zambezi River appear in front of them. Guests are captivated by the visual beauty of the scene as they appear to be racing down the river in their raft. The sound of the crashing water is all around. Guests even feel cool splashes of water and wind hitting their faces. As the journey continues, guest feel their raft “bump” as it moves through shallow areas of the river, hitting submerged rocks, hippos and debris. Quickly, the sky darkens as a storm blows in, dropping heavy rain on the guests. Flashes of lightning signal that the storm is getting worse. The river gets louder and wilder as it swells from the rainfall. There is the unsettling sound of an approaching waterfall. Before anyone realizes their impending peril, they are over the falls and shooting down a narrow chasm, seemingly out of control. Every so often they crash through images of trees, dangling snakes and narrowly miss hitting shear rock walls. Just as guest can’t take any more….CRASH, they hit the safety of the splash-down pool and drift to the shore.

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