Splashtacular Signature Attractions

Mars Lander™

An immense and exhilarating slide, Mars Lander merges the best of theme park and waterpark experiences.

12 Person Ride.

Slides emanate from the central structure and twist among themselves forming a mass of tubes and waterways with no apparent end. From the top of the entry stairs riders sit in two-person rafts enveloped in a scene from outer space. Lights move and flash overhead. On the surrounding walls images of space, aliens and out-of-this-world creatures combine with sound effects, water splashes and rumblings that jar their tube as the floor drops away. All six rafts are released simultaneously into six enclosed slide tubes. Each slide offers a unique configuration with different sights and sounds in each tube. Flashes and sounds of other-worldly beings precede the 3D alien creatures appearing suddenly in the riders’ path, snarling at the screaming guests. Safety feels fleeting as guests splash into the run-off pools, only to feel the rush of adrenaline and race to ride again.

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