Engineering, Design & Manufacture

SplashTacular engineers exercise great care in designing waterslides to deliver maximum thrill while ensuring a safe ride.

Our advanced Splashworx™ slide designs are created by SplashTacular engineers to meet local codes and safety guidelines. Combining SplashWorx 3D solid slide path models with finite analysis software, allows our team to determine a rider’s position and dynamics on a slide at any point in time along the ride path. Design variables can be changed to account for rider(s) weight, number of riders, coefficients of friction, ride slope and passenger material differences (such as differing composition of bathing suits and inner tubes). This allows our team to accurately predict the rider’s path and make any needed changes to the design prior to fabricating the slide.

Rider Analysis

In these two videos, you can see how our software helps analyze and improve the rider's experience. Click on the “Before” and “After” to see how our sophisticated program allows us to test and correct the rider path to prevent undesirable effects BEFORE the slide is manufactured (e.g., turning over in the slide).:

Specification Development and Review

Our team of experts is well-versed in local, regional and international building codes and standards and aims to exceed safety, design, and construction benchmarks. We maintain and regularly update construction codes and requirements for all states in the USA to ensure that SplashTacular proposals conform to state and local building codes.


All SplashTacular products are manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials and exceeding industry standards:

• ASTM Standards for strength and durability
• Triple gasket system for flume joints creates drip-free slide joints
• Hot-dipped, galvanized steel components to ensure product longevity
• IBC-compliant, pultruded stair treads with integral bottom plate and closed risers
• Isophaltic, polyester gel-coat with ultraviolet inhibitors provide the best chemical and weather protection
• More than 180 color choices
• Hydrostyling™ options, including Translucent Colors
• Two-color application for interior and exterior flume surfaces at no additional cost

Enhancements and Theme Development

Bring more attention to your park with custom lighting and theming. Hydrolighting™ and SplashChallenge™ systems are custom designed to fit the needs of your facility.

Whatever theme you can think up, we can help you bring it to life. From an underwater ocean experience, to an interactive pirate ship, to an aquatic water playground -- these options provide ideal settings for family entertainment. Adding a themed waterpark is the perfect way to increase your hotel’s occupancy, make your housing development more attractive to buyers, renovate an existing waterpark facility, or to make a public park more of a social gathering space.


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