THE POWER OF SIX HITS THE EAST COAST SplashTacular To Unveil Two Six-Story Waterpark Attractions At Six Flags America and Six Flags New England Next Season

THE POWER OF SIX HITS THE EAST COAST SplashTacular To Unveil Two Six-Story Waterpark Attractions At  Six Flags America and Six Flags New England Next Season

For the third consecutive year, SplashTacular is pleased to announce the upcoming installation of one of their brand-new rides–but even more impressively, it’s coming in pairs.

Six Flags America in Maryland and Six Flags New England in Massachusetts announced last week that they each look forward to be adding SplashTacular’s DownUnder™ attraction to their Hurricane Harbor waterparks for the 2013 season.

The DownUnder is a striking ride that has huge stage presence with a tower that climbs to nearly 70 feet and features six separate high-speed slides. Upon making the ascent to the launch platform, lifeguards assist guests as they load into six individual ‘DrenalineDrop™ launch modules arranged around the perimeter of the platform. With adrenaline surging, riders get extra entertainment out of the ride by facing each other while awaiting the countdown for simultaneous release.  The launch button is hit, causing the floor to drop out beneath each of the riders, launching them down near-vertical enclosed body slides into 50 feet of translucent fiberglass. The translucent fiberglass creates amazing spectator appeal, as the spectators are able to watch each of the riders race the others. Twisting and turning for over 255 feet, riders then come to a gradual stop in the runouts below.  The six slides each take a different path to the bottom, providing a unique user experience for the riders. It’s safe to say that this ride is the first of its kind to offer such excitement and thrill to park visitors.

Named “Bonzai Pipelines” by Six Flags, both rides are scheduled to launch their first riders on opening day of the 2013 season.

“This ride offers incredible throughput and unlimited thrills.  We are very excited that the Six Flags organization will be the first to showcase this new attraction,” said Steve Levine, Founder and CEO of SplashTacular. “The entertainment value of this ride is a perfect fit for these incredible parks.”

The DownUnder is the third ride in a series of thrill ride attractions introduced by SplashTacular, Inc. The first was the patented, award-winning 360Rush™, a 70 foot tall dueling body bowl ride where riders can gain speeds of up to 40 mph. Next came the Double BowlsEye™, a 70 foot tall dueling raft bowl, the sister ride to the 360Rush.  Both rides launch riders in pairs and provide an unparalleled guest experience.  “The 360Rush and Double BowlsEye offer twice the throughput, twice the speed, and twice the thrill of comparable rides in the industry.  The DownUnder will bring six times the throughput and thrill! You can’t go wrong with that,” added Levine.

About SplashTacular

SplashTacular, Inc. is the largest waterslide manufacturer in the U.S. and winner of the World Waterpark Association’s 2011 Industry Innovation Award for Suppliers. Since 1994, the company has built 1,000+ American-made waterpark attractions—including 3,000 waterslides—across the globe. 

SplashTacular prides itself on delivering waterpark experiences that create unforgettable memories for families and generate revenue for park owners and managers.  Corporate offices are in California, with operations and manufacturing facilities in Kansas and aquatic play unit division in Texas. For more information, visit www.SplashTacular.com.


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