Everything Is Bigger and Better In Texas!

Everything Is Bigger and Better In Texas!

SplashTacular has been hard at work in the great state of Texas this spring.

The newest 360Rush opened at the end of May at Hawaiian Falls, The Colony.  Named Whirlwind 360 by the park, this attraction is making waves already.

Not ready to launch yourself from a 60 ft. tower and reach speeds up to 30 mph?  How about taking a spin in a raft while enjoying your favorite tunes?  Visit Hawaiian Falls, Garland and check out the reinvented "The Abyss". This two-person dark ride received a major facelift this spring with a recoat and installation of a few SplashTacular Enhancements.  Enhacements include an interactive juke box system, movie theatre quality sound, multidimensional LED lighting, and a fog system giving visitors a total sensory experience. 

Or for a new level of fun, very soon you can visit Hawaiian Falls, Roanoke to check out our newest signature attraction, The Double BowlsEye! Scheduled to open in early July, the Double BowlsEye brings a family raft chase to the park. Named Beach Blasters by the facility, this 70 ft. tall iconic structure brings the family together by launching two 2-person rafts simutaneously.  Riders make their way down two separate 54 in. slides and into one massive bowl where they chase each other to the finish.

The SplashTacular team is excited about the opening of these new rides. Check out the website as well as YouTube and Facebook for updates and videos of these new attractions for Hawaiian Falls.


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