SPLASH DOWN: The new aquatic center in Fort Dodge is hoping to draw in visitors from around the area

Fort Dodge, Iowa — It's the first day of summer for kids in Fort Dodge, and what better way to start the season with a sunny day and a brand new aquatic center.

Rosedale Rapids was open for a few weeks last summer, but was dedicated this week. City Park and Recreation Director Lori Branderhorst said the new facility "has a resort feeling, in a fun atmosphere."

She also said that it is hoped Rosedale Rapids will draw people from around the region. The new water park has three pools, slides, zero depth pools, and something called a splashbowl, which looks like a UFO.

"The splashbowl is designed as a thrill ride, you have to be a good swimmer for that one," said Branderhorst. People must pass a swimming test before going into a water tube from the highest point in the park. Then the swimmers swirl inside a fiberglass bowl, before being dumped into a whirlpool below.

The $9 million facility was approved by voters in 2008, and built by the same company which built new aquatic centers for Ames and Ankeny.

Rosedale Rapids will be open through Labor Day.

From WHO - TV | Written by Roger Riley

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