Alex Weidman, President

Alex Weidman, president for SplashTacular, has more than 20 years of practical building, construction management and engineering experience. Since joining SplashTacular in 2003, he has helped the company achieve tremendous growth by performing a variety of functions across all divisions—from administrative tasks to major leadership decisions.

Today, Alex is responsible for the overall management of SplashTacular’s engineering/design department, which includes but is not limited to preliminary designs, shop drawings, tooling, proprietary design software and special projects. In addition, he provides technical support to the sales, marketing, accounting and operations departments and serves as the in-house information technology support liaison.Alex also takes the lead in maintaining relations with current clients and forming connections with new ones, and he actively participates in trade shows as well as presentations to potential and existing clients.

Weidman received a bachelor’s degree in architectural engineering from Kansas State University. He resides in Paola, Kan.

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